You’d be surprised: 5 Best countries to seek a mail order bride

Mail order bride agencies have grown again in popularity in the last decade. American men, who have given up on local women, are searching for a foreign girl to walk down the aisle with.

“Lucky them!” says someone who’s exhausted by endless soulmate searching. To help you find a wife, an ideal woman to spend the rest of your life with, we gathered the big-five of nationalities with the most gorgeous, most tender, most caring, and intelligent ladies on the globe.

#1 Ukraine

Ukrainian girls earned the reputation of selfless, accepting, and naturally gorgeous women. Currently, Ukraine is the most popular country for US men to find a wife in. Ukrainians demonstrate a vast curiosity and hospitality towards foreigners.

Psychology of Ukrainian women

Slavic people are distinguished by their strong spirits, kindness, sincere behavior, resourcefulness, and curiosity. The Ukrainian nation itself is so eclectic that it’s hard to put a certain label on the whole country. Nevertheless, there are some common traits all Ukrainian women own:

  • Open-mindnessness and a thirst for self-development.
  • Selflesness and soulfulness.
  • Craftiness and efficiency.
  • Tenacity and optimism.

Why do men choose Ukrainian women to marry?

You’d be surprised: 5 Best countries to seek a mail order bride

Ukrainian women are family-oriented and support traditional views on how a family should work. They prefer a man to be a leader, while a woman is a faithful hearth keeper. Many Ukrainian girls prefer to share the role of provider with their men. Ukrainian girls are sincere in their love and prefer to give their all to relationships.

#2 Scotland

Scotland is a nation of people who are clawing and scratching for their freedom. Just like Ukrainians, they can boast of strong spirits, big hearts, and cohesion. They’re the most accepting and cordial nation in the United Kingdom.

Mindset of Scottish girls

Scottish women are cheerful, enduring, and full of life energy. They really love nature, they adore art and everything related to it, and they’re quite sages. Scottish women are selfless and are ready to sacrifice themselves for those they love. Take a glance at the common traits of Scottish girls:

  • Genial and self-sacrificing.
  • Thoughtful and courteous.
  • Creative and resourceful.
  • Crafty and courageous.

Why do men choose Scottish girls?

Scottish women are extremely loving and caring. A man who is lucky enough to marry a Scottish girl will feel full and content. Scottish girls are passionate and dedicated to what they do, and such enthusiasm, along with limitless energy, can really inspire and affect a man.

#3 France

You’d be surprised: 5 Best countries to seek a mail order bride

French women are independent and freedom-loving. They know how to make life engaging and jolly. French people are unpredictable in their mood and behavior; they’re quite passionate, extraverted, foody, and venturous. In relationships, French women prefer to have personal space and time to themselves. They’re not green-eyed towards female friends of their soulmates.

Psychology of French women

French women adore adventures, life changes, and sudden trips. Even though many are unwilling to learn foreign languages, they are more than curious about meeting a foreigner. French girls really appreciate their own freedom and don’t want to be tamed. Not all of them are planning to become parents as well. Some of the major traits of French girls:

  • Unpredictable and windy.
  • Emotional and drama-loving.
  • Foody and carefree.
  • Passionate and romantic.

Why do men choose French girls to marry?

French girls are perfect for that sort of “free” relationship, where you have a lot of personal space for hobbies and plans. They love experiments in food, in life, in the bedroom, everywhere. French women are gorgeous and stylish, driving nearly every guy.

#4 Iceland

Iceland is a closed-type country where people are really different from everywhere else. These people are intelligent and accepting. They’re always supporting each other and ready to assist. Just like in other Scandinavian countries, the average Icelandic person is punctual, forward-looking, and reliable.

You’d be surprised: 5 Best countries to seek a mail order bride

Psychology of Icelandic women

Icelandic women are looking to build a family as well as succeed in their careers. These wise ladies have found the balance between work and home-coziness (called “hygge”). They’re skilled in many fields, and they’re looking for a man who can be as resourceful and dependable as they are. These are some of the key mindset features of Icelandic girls:

  • Active and spiritous.
  • Wise and intelligent.
  • Reliable and punctual.
  • Caring and kind.

Why do men prefer Icelandic women?

Icelandic girls have amazing body shapes and are naturally beautiful. They make brilliant parents and true soulmates. A man can rely on his Icelandic wife for any issue. Icelandic women are also quite creative, and it is difficult to get bored with them.

#5 Japan

Japan is a truly conservative nation that has saved all the customs and traditions of old times for nowadays. These people have a completely unique mindset. Japanese people are highly suspicious of people from overseas, but some of them, especially women, are interested in dating foreigners.

Psychology of Japanese women

You’d be surprised: 5 Best countries to seek a mail order bride

Japanese girls are perfectionists in nearly every aspect of their lives. They are usually family-focused and are looking for a man who can provide for the family—in Japan, it is highly unnatural for a woman to dream of her own career. Take a look at the average traits of Japanese women:

  • Dedicated and workaholic.
  • Calm and sensible.
  • Realistic and pragmatic.
  • Efficient and punctual.

Why do men choose Japanese girls to marry?

Japanese girls are sweet and nice. They seldom direct their opinion and are highly accepting. Japanese wives are obedient to their husbands and are very caring as partners and parents. The regular skin care, active life, and special dietary habits make Japanese ladies look young, even in their fifties.

How to meet a foreign mail order bride online?

Traveling to other countries is good, but what if you don’t want to or can’t leave your country to look for a foreign girl? In this case, you can use the mail order bride site to find a girl according to any of your preferences. Dating websites give you a lot of opportunities, and we are going to review some of them.

You’d be surprised: 5 Best countries to seek a mail order bride

Mail order brides sites are geared to help you develop your relationships

Dating websites offer a range of tools and settings for you to create a connection with a girl online. Since you and the woman you’re communicating with through the website are based on different sides of the Earth and can’t see and hear each other in person, dating websites offer video calls, voice talks, cam-share, and other features for your relationships to thrive.

Premium dating sites guarantee a scum-free experience

The most splendid option on premium dating sites is complete security. Every single user passes the verification process that confirms their identity. You can choose among hundreds of active profiles to communicate with and be sure that you’re chatting with a real woman.

What is the difference between mail order brides sites and social media?

You’d be surprised: 5 Best countries to seek a mail order bride

You can find a girl on social media with no charge for communication. Let’s see the pros and cons of this way:


  • It is free of charge;
  • You can find a girl with common hobbies;
  • Unlimited speaking, photo sharing, etc.


  • Nearly impossible to find a girl of a particular nationality;
  • You may not have skills in her language and vice versa;
  • Girls may not be seeking relationships.

Using a dating website to find a gorgeous bride can bring more opportunities. Let’s see clear them up:


  • Find a woman by ANY preferences;
  • Be sure you’re safe;
  • Girls are really looking for love;
  • Use build-in translating option in the case of a language barrier.


  • You have to pay for all services, including chatting;
  • You can run into scammed website.